Marian: We Need Another Mandate to Finalize Justice Reforms

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“Obviously, reform of the judiciary was one of our key commitments, but nobody said it would happen in 3 or 4 years. It is more difficult than we expected and we have problems in this sector, but I think the path is the right one, we just need to speed up the process,” Marian emphasized. According to the MP, the government has given judges all the necessary tools to make decisions on high-profile cases, but the results appear slowly. “We have provided almost all leverage, especially to judges, to make decisions. If the judges have the courage, they will be able to rule on high-profile cases in a few weeks. Now it’s their turn,” Marian stated. The politician also noted that parliament is about to vote in the second reading on the creation of an anticorruption court, a measure designed to speed up the prosecution of corruption cases. “We have offered and offer them all the tools available, and I really hope that as soon as possible Parliament will favor in the 2nd reading the establishment of an anticorruption court to further speed up the process. The process is underway, and I am confident that we will see it through. Therefore, we need another mandate to finalize this whole process,” the PAS MP concluded.