Băsescu: Future Romanian President May Become President of Unification

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According to the former Romanian President, the security situation in the region may change and Moldova would benefit from unification with Romania to become a NATO member state automatically. Besides, the former Romanian President said that Moldova enjoyed the respect of Brussels, but no one should have illusions that the European Union would accept a military conflict zone on its territory. Former Romanian President Traian Băsescu avoided saying whether it is advantageous for Moldova to start accession talks jointly with Ukraine or whether the two states should be separated. The former President only noted that the European Union would never accept a military conflict zone on its territory. ‘Let the negotiations begin first, and then we will see if it is possible to separate from Ukraine. The very gesture made by the European Union last week with the Defense and Security Agreement is a gesture made individually, only for Moldova. The gesture implies financing, not only opportunities for Moldova’s security in terms of procurement, border management, communications. Consequently, country-specific measures can also be taken on a country-by-country basis. However, no one should expect the European Union to take over a military conflict zone. This is out of the question. According to the treaty,’ former Romanian President Traian Băsescu said on the program În Context on Public Television. Former President Traian Băsescu also said that, given the unpredictable security situation in the region, the scenario of unification with Romania might be more favorable for Moldova. ‘It may happen that the future President of Romania will become the President of Unification together with the future President of Moldova. We will see. But it may also happen that if Romania cannot intervene on Moldova’s territory because of the North Atlantic Treaty provisions, at some point, for security reasons, it will be better for Moldova to unite with Romania,’ Traian Băsescu added. This year, both Moldovans and Romanians will elect their Presidents. Presidential elections in Moldova will be arranged on 20 October, while Romanian presidential elections will be held on 15 September.