Attempts to Clear the Path to the Elections for Maia Sandu

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The further it goes, the more the presidential race turns into a farce with a pre-determined scenario and results
Semyon ALBU, RTA: This week, a high-ranking representative of the metropole state, Antony Blinken, arrived to Moldova to inspect the state of affairs and receive a report from the local colonial administration. As a bonus, the emissary of the overseas masters provided symbolic sums to strengthen the position of the ruling regime and, at the same time, to further break the economically advantageous energy dependence on the east in favor of the economically disadvantageous one on the west. While in Chisinau, the head of the Department of State made the best joke of the week, saying that he had brought “guarantees of Moldova’s sovereignty” from President Biden. However, it is not very clear how one can guarantee a non-existent phenomenon. Of course, our country does not have any sovereignty, at least since the summer of 2021, when the “yellow gang” seized power. Since then, the West has strongly increased its influence in Moldova: slaves nurtured by it, who have long forgotten about national interests, hold the posts of the country’s leaders, key institutions, such as the President’s Office, are occupied by groups of foreign advisers, such as Martin Sieg, who pull the strings of Moldovan politics behind the scenes. And the course of the presidential race is the clear indicator of the loss of independence in domestic affairs, not to mention foreign ones. Every day it looks more and more like a stage play with one possible winner. Just consider that less than five months remain until the elections. So far, we have, in fact, only one officially announced candidate - the incumbent president. At the same time, the halo over the head of this “icon of European integration” has long since faded and corroded: according to surveys even by our loyal sociological offices, even though she remains the most popular politician in the country, the level of trust in her does not exceed a quarter of the number of respondents. At the same time, the anti-rating of the head of state is off the scale - 60%, and it tends to increase, not decrease. Just in case I clarify - this means that exactly this percentage of the population is not ready to vote for Sandu under any circumstances.  In theory, this rules out her winning the second round, whoever ends up there. There are some more interesting “poll” figures: for example, a little less than half of citizens blame Sandu personally for the difficult situation in the country, and a little more than half believe that she does not care about Moldova’s internal problems and does not deserve a second term at all. All in all, the stats are killer. In any normal democracy, our leader would be simply obliterated in a fair election. But then the West starts its “opposition-cleaning” machines, which, without any ambiguity, begin to clear the path to victory for Maia Sandu. So, what other high-profile events have we had this week besides Blinken’s arrival? Oh yes, the announced decision of Ion Ceban not to run for president. It, to put it mildly, surprised, including many ordinary citizens, who rightly saw him as the most promising counter-candidate. In fact, do you often see a politician with great chances to win the presidential election, who voluntarily refuses to go to the election under frankly ridiculous pretexts? And, by the way, the mayor of Chisinau, getting involved earlier in long political battles with the ruling regime, making intriguing hints, created an absolute impression - I think, quite deliberately - that he was ready to challenge Sandu. Instead, a politician who was recently easily re-elected to office, who has a minimal anti-rating, and whom the population supports the nost, simply steps aside. Wonders will never cease! But not in the Moldovan realities, where, as it has already been said, outsiders and their patrons in the West rule. It is obvious that Ceban, who has long established contacts in Bucharest with key embassies, received an unequivocal hint that he should avoid next elections if he wants a quiet life. Instead, they recommended to take a closer look at the next campaign, where his party might be able to win a few mandates and join the ranks of the supportive crowd for the ruling party, which, of course, will be only PAS. Having killed off one of the main competitors, the regime’s supervisors have also taken care of the right pro-European flank. The entire array of political forces is slowly being assembled into a single bloc, which, however, is also still unable to decide on a presidential candidate - and it is believed they will never find one, instead coming out in favor of Sandu. Actually, the right-wing has already been put in the stall - with the signing of the Pact For Europe they have committed themselves to “promote European integration” - that is, not to prevent PAS and Sandu, appointed by the West to guide this process, from ruling Moldova as they wish. In return, they will have a chance to prove themselves in the parliamentary elections, maybe even become junior partners of the “yellow” and get some rights in the government together with a few benefits from the Moldovan pie. Meanwhile, the Americans, through their ambassador and even the Secretary of State, have blessed all the lawlessness that the regime causes in order to hold on to power. By praising “progress in democracy” and once again pointing to “Russian hybrid threats”, they have actually given legitimacy to the diaspora postal vote in Western countries. It should be the centerpiece of Sandu’s victory, compensating for the loss of hundreds of thousands of votes in Moldova. And also, in fact, approved new amendments to the criminal code on the initiative of PAS deputies, under which Moldovan citizens will be prosecuted under the article “treason against the motherland” for actions “in the interests of foreign states and anti-constitutional formations with the purpose of hostile activity against the country”, as well as disinformation campaigns. Moreover, it will be possible to be convicted for this without evidence (!) of damage caused to the state. It is obvious that under the guise of these amendments, trials will begin against any political dissent and against any non-court opposition. But, as we can see, the West gives the go-ahead - the main thing is to ensure victory for its little fellow. For this purpose, by the way, Blinken promised further use of the sanctions against the political opponents of the “yellow”. In short, everything is heading to the point that, apart from Sandu and the unpromising extras agreed upon by the embassies, only Dodon will go to the elections. His participation looks tempting for the president’s Western advisers not only from the point of view of guaranteed success, but also the possibility of once again powerfully flicking the nose of the “pro-Russian” candidate and thus showing the absolute superiority of the European idea in the republic. So, if nothing changes, the incumbent president will drive to the new term as on an autobahn, meeting no obstacles - after all, a smooth bump-free road for her has already been paved by the real masters of Moldova.