Rules for Obtaining Moldovan Citizenship Will Be Tougher

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Applications for the issue of Moldovan citizenship and for the recognition of persons as Moldovan citizens will be coordinated with the Security and Intelligence Service. The term for processing applications for recognition of Moldovan citizenship will also be extended for up to six months if there are good reasons for further procedure. The relevant provisions are stipulated in a draft law adopted by Parliament in the first reading. The bill’s author, MP Igor Chiriac, said that stricter rules were needed to exclude vulnerabilities and risks to state security and public order. He mentioned the risks caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Over the last two years, the number of applicants for Moldovan citizenship has increased, with 70% coming from the Russian Federation and 20% from Ukraine. In addition, the authorities revealed numerous attempts to fraudulently obtain Moldovan citizenship on the basis of documents of unknown origin submitted by applicants. According to the draft, not all persons born and residing on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, who do not have citizenship of other states and who have applied for obtaining the country’s citizenship will receive it. Exceptions are persons who, at the time of the application, are doing or have not yet done time in prison, have been imprisoned under a court sentence, have an unexpunged criminal record or are under criminal prosecution. Applications submitted by these persons will be rejected, as well as applications for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Moldova or for recognition as a Moldovan citizen, which contain false information or conceal relevant data. The bill is subject to review in Parliament and approval in final reading.