New Scandal at Chisinau Airport Involving Șor’s People. What Do Border Police Say?

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New clashes broke out at the Chisinau airport between Border Police officers and supporters of Ilan Șor who returned from the congress of the Victory bloc held in Moscow on Sunday. A video of the incident appeared on social networks. The published footage shows law enforcers detaining a passenger, while others tried to resist and clashed with the police. All this was accompanied by ‘Shame!’ shouts. Meanwhile, the Border Police reported, that morning they had recorded ‘a series of provocations and aggressive behavior’ on the part of a group of people who had flown in from Moscow. The institution added that a report had been drawn up on one of the passengers for aggressive behavior, while three more would be prosecuted for breach of public order. MP Marina Tauber, who previously represented the unconstitutional Șor party in the Parliament, said that people were returning from the congress of the Victory bloc organized in Moscow. She called the actions of the police abuse. ‘They did not let people in for about four hours, deliberately creating a situation of stress and uncertainty,’ Tauber said. Last week, Șor’s supporters said law enforcement agencies were holding them at the airport, allegedly preventing them from flying abroad. In response, the Border Police said that some passengers simply missed their flight. Ilan Șor сonvicted for 15 years for bank embezzlement in mid-April announced the creation of the political bloc ‘Victory’. He announced the new political formation in Moscow - at an event attended by people who were members of his parties. According to law-enforcement agencies, the politician’s supporters, who returned from Moscow, tried to bring 20 million lei to Moldova.