U.S. May Take “New Measures” against Countries Helping Russia Strengthen Its Defense Industrial Base

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This week, the U.S. expanded sanctions targeting sales of semiconductors and some other products to Russia. The US has warned China that it is considering “new measures” against it and other countries helping Russia strengthen its defense industrial base and avoid Western sanctions. “We are considering new measures,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters. On Wednesday, the U.S. announced expanded sanctions on the sale of semiconductors and a range of other goods to Russia. The move came as part of a crackdown on Moscow’s attempts to circumvent Western sanctions already imposed. The Department of the Treasury said that foreign financial institutions providing services to the Russian defense industrial base might face secondary sanctions due to the steps being taken. The sanctions will, in particular, limit the Russian defense industrial base’s ability to use U.S. software and information technology services. The joint efforts of the Department of the Treasury and the Department of State are targeting more than 300 individuals and organizations both in Russia and abroad. They include Russia’s partners in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Caribbean, whose products and services enable Moscow to keep the war going and evade sanctions. Miller suggested that this could be just the beginning. “Our hope is that companies engaged in rearming Russia’s defense industrial base and bolstering Russia’s defense industrial base so it can rearm the Russian military, that other companies will see these actions and think twice,” he said. “We have conveyed to the Chinese government our concern over the actions of Chinese companies to participate in the supply of the Russian defense industrial base, and made it clear that these actions are unacceptable,” Miller pointed out. European countries have made the same point to Beijing, he said. “You saw the actions taken yesterday by the G7, including actions taken by the US. We will not hesitate to take further action if we deem it necessary,” the Department of State spokesman said.