EU Countries Agree 14th Package of Sanctions Against Russia

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The Reuters news agency quotes diplomats as saying that EU countries has agreed on the 14th package of sanctions against Russia imposed over aggression in Ukraine. In mid-May, it was reported that as part of the 14th package, EU countries intend to ban Izvestia, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, RIA Novosti, as well as the already closed Prague-based Voice of Europe website, which authorities in several countries suspect is a tool of Russian interference in European political processes, reports. It will be prohibited to spread the materials of all these media outlets in EU countries. More than a dozen major Russian media outlets have already been banned in the EU as disseminators of propaganda and disinformation. The European Commission was also expected to propose sanctions against ships delivering North Korean military equipment to Russia, as well as tankers violating the price ceiling on Russian oil set by the G7 countries, Reuters reported, citing sources in the EU leadership. The final variant of agreed package has not yet been disclosed.