Maia Sandu Signs Decree to Start EU Accession Talks

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Moldovan President Maia Sandu today, 21 June, signed a decree on the launch of talks on Moldova’s accession to the European Union. She also appointed Cristina Gherasimov, deputy prime minister for European integration, as chief negotiator. Maia Sandu told this in Facebook. She wrote that “Moldova has fulfilled all the recommendations of the European Commission. Thus, two years after obtaining the status of candidate country, the first Moldova-EU intergovernmental conference will be held on 25 June, which will launch the EU accession negotiations.” “Behind these efforts to modernize the country are thousands of people from public institutions, and the work of each of them has a decisive impact on our country’s goal of preparing Moldova for accession by 2030. Moldova’s membership of the European Union is the only path to development, through which we will ensure peace, prosperity and a better life for all our citizens. At the autumn referendum, the people of Moldova will decide whether this is the direction of the country’s development and the legacy we leave to the next generations,” Maia Sandu wrote. She wished luck to the delegation that will represent our country in Luxembourg at the official launch of the talks.