Head of NBM: Using MIR Cards Entails Criminal Consequences

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The Head of the National Bank of Moldova states that MIR card transactions are being investigated by specialized services and that citizens should be cautious when offered to participate in such schemes. Dragu was asked whether transfers via Mir cards can reach the territory of Moldova. “I can say for sure that money cannot come to Moldova through these cards. These cards cannot be used on constitutional territory. The stories are a bit exaggerated because this is how the information hybrid war is conducted,” the chairwoman of the National Bank of Moldova replied. In this regard, Anca Dragu recalled that the use of these means of payment is illegal and carries criminal consequences: “These actions are investigated by specialized services for the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing.” In early June, Prosecutor General Ion Munteanu stated that the MIR cards, which Sor and Gutul had used to promise to deliver money to pensioners from ATU Gagauzia, were “inactive”. However, the official acknowledged that they could be used in the Transnistrian region, which is not controlled by the constitutional authorities in Chisinau. “We are investigating the matter,” the prosecutor general said at the time.