CEC Deputy Head: We Asked Court to Restrict Șansă Party Activity

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Deputy President of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Pavel Postica said that the CEC had identified a number of irregularities in the activities of the formation controlled by fugitive Ilan Șor and had applied to the court through the Justice Ministry to suspend the party’s activities. The Deputy President of the CEC said that the Commission’s reports on the activities of the “Șansă” party showed a number of violations committed by the formation. Thus, upon the appeal of the electoral body, the judiciary should have decided whether or not to authorize the party’s activities. “The Central Election Commission completed the process of checking the actions of the political party “Șansă” in the campaign for the general local elections, and we identified a number of deviations and violations. The party did not co-operate, did not submit any documents within the timeframe and in the form established by the Central Election Commission. In this regard, we notified the Justice Ministry, the Ministry applied to the court, and now the Balți Court is considering the case of restricting the party’s activity,” Pavel Postica said on the air of the program Rezoomat (“Resume”) on the RliveTV channel. Pavel Postica says that if the court decides to block the party’s activity for six months, the formation will not have the right to take any political action or participate in elections. “If the court rules to restrict the activity for six months, it means that the party cannot carry out political activities, cannot participate in elections, distribute newspapers or take part in mass information actions. This means that it will not be able to participate in the autumn elections or in the referendum,” the Deputy President of the CEC added. In the November 2023 general local elections, the Emergency Commission decided to cancel the electoral registration of all candidates from the “Șansă” party. On the ballot paper, the names of all the candidates indicated by this formation were stamped “retras” (“withdrawn”).