Recean: Fujikura’s Departure Stems from War in Ukraine

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Prime Minister Dorin Recean blames the war in Ukraine for Fujikura’s withdrawal from Moldova. The Prime Minister assures that a significant part of the employees who worked at Fujikura have found other jobs. “I regret that there are politicians who deny the ramifications of the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine. This withdrawal took place due to a sense of insecurity and, accordingly, the parent company said that all orders, previously sent to Moldova, be placed elsewhere. We continue to work very hard to attract other investors. Most of the people who worked there are employed in other similar companies with labor shortages,” Dorin Recean said on the air of the Secretele Puterii program (Secrets of Power) on JurnalTV. The Prime Minister said that Fujikura’s withdrawal would be compensated by other investors in Moldova or by staff increase in companies on the market. The Prime Minister said that new foreign companies intend to invest in Moldova in the next period. “In the last 18 months we saw several companies coming to Moldova. I made a list: Erich Jaeger from Romania, Lear Corporation increased its staff, Amdaris expanded its activity and so on. So, people who lost their jobs can be employed at other enterprises through retraining. I think that in the next period, we will have new investors, I believe in the energy sector, in the infrastructure sector and in the electronics sector. I will not predict things, but this will happen,” the Prime Minister added. A few months ago, the Japanese company Fujikura, which was engaged in the production of electrical wiring for the automotive sector, withdrew from Moldova. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Fujikura reduced the number of employees from 1,200 to 200 in order to finally cease its activities later on.