Moldova Suggests Producing Electricity for Ukraine. Gas Is Still Needed

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Moldova could produce electricity for its neighboring country from gas supplied from Ukraine. The initiative was launched by the Moldovan authorities as a gesture of support amid the destroyed energy infrastructure in the neighboring country. Moldovan Energy Minister Victor Parlicov spoke on 8 July about the plan to deploy power generating capacities to supply electricity to Ukraine under the gas-to-electricity project. “We have generation sources being installed, gas coming from Ukraine, and electricity being sent to the Ukrainian energy system. This is the mechanism we proposed, and for the moment, the proposal is still under discussion, we have several options. Everyone wants a solution by winter, unfortunately, from a practical viewpoint I can tell you that it is impossible to implement it by winter,” Victor Parlicov said. According to the Minister, electricity supplies from Moldova to Ukraine are still being discussed, and if realized, it will be necessary to import equipment, install it, prepare it for work and train specialists. The Energy Minister added that Moldova could theoretically provide Ukraine with electricity generation of up to 500 MWh. Late last week Moldova and Ukraine discussed the project of supplying electricity to Ukraine within the framework of the gas-to-electricity project. The statement by the Foreign Ministers of Romania, Ukraine and Moldova said that Moldova could deploy generating plants on its territory to supply electricity to Ukraine using natural gas from that exchange.