Berlin Sees No Clear Strategy on Russia From Trump

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said that the US President does not appear to have a clear strategy in dealing with Russia.

“A clear strategy of a US president regarding Russia is not discernible after the meeting (of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Trump in Helsinki)”, German Defense Ministeris quoted by Spiegel as saying.

According to von der Leyen the dialogue of Trump and Putin is inconsequent.

“The issue with Helsinki is that nobody knows what was discussed there and even what agreements were reached”, stressed German Defense Minister.

“We would like to improve our relationship with Moscow, but it depends on the Kremlin”, she gave her comment on NATO position regarding Russia.

First fullfledged Russian-American talks held in Helsinki on July 16. They lasted almost four hours. Putin and Trump held a one-on-one discussion which lasted over two hours, held open negotiations and joint press-conference.

Source: Izvestia