Exports of Goods and Parliamentary Elections. What did Dodon and Putin Talk about during their Meeting in Moscow?

Moldovan President Igor Dodon met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin on January, 30 in Moscow. At the meeting, the Russian leader said that Moscow is not indifferent to the parliamentary elections in Moldova. Dodon wrote on his Facebook page on the results of the meeting that by agreement with Putin, all Moldovan goods could be easily exported to Russia through Ukraine from January, 30.

During the meeting, the interlocutors exchanged views on the Moldovan-Russian interaction: they discussed an amnesty for Moldovan citizens, the temporary abolition of duties on Moldovan goods and other issues.

During the conversation, Putin noted that Russia is not indifferent to the Moldovan parliamentary elections. “Of course in Russia we are not indifferent to the formation of the Moldovan parliament because it forms the country’s Government and the future development of Russia-Moldova relations will largely depend on this, as well as the future Government’s support of the initiatives made by the President of Moldova on the development of our bilateral ties”, said Putin.

Dodon answered that Russia was considered a friendly country by 65 percent of our population. “We are hoping that the opinion of the people will be clearly reflected in the future Parliament. But it is up to the people to decide”, quotes Dodon press service of the Russian president.

In his post on Facebook, Dodon expressed himself more resolutely: “He expressed confidence that the elections will create a government that will have one of its priorities to return relations with the Russian Federation to the channel of mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnership”.

Dodon also said on Facebook that he had agreed with Putin on the smooth supply of Moldovan goods through the territory of Ukraine. “From now on, all Moldovan goods can be exported to the Russian market in transit through Ukraine. Along with the removal of the Russian Federation of customs duties on Moldovan goods, these decisions will make it possible to significantly increase the trade turnover between our countries in a short time”, Dodon wrote.