Belarus President Talks about Relations with Russia

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Relations between Russia and the Republic of Belarus are fraternal. However, the “elder brother” must support the younger one in difficult times, stated President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, Minsk has not turned to the West in its foreign policy, BelTA agency reports. “As for Russia, we are one people, I have said a thousand times. They are our people, our brothers,” the Belarusian leader said. Belarusians have always been with Russia, and it always gave shoulder to the fraternal people, he said. “And having today some problems with Russia is not the problems with Russian people,” Lukashenko emphasized, pointing out the great attitude of the people towards Belarusian. According to him, no one will turn away from the Russians, neither at present, nor after Lukashenko left the post of head of state. “Belarusians will not allow betraying our older brother. But we require the elder brother to be the elder brother. We don’t want the brother to snub us, bend us”, concluded the President of Belarus.