The U.S. has Developed a Plan to Contain Russia in the Black Sea

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The U.S. government analytical center RAND Corporation published a report on the strategy of containment of Russia in the Black Sea region. The authors of the document express concern that recently Moscow has modernized the Black Sea Fleet and expanded its forces in the Southern Military District. According to the center’s experts, in order to counter the “growing Russian influence” in the region, it is necessary to deploy advanced air and coastal defense systems in Romania and Bulgaria. Other measures include expanding NATO exercises, and continuing Western assistance to Ukraine and Georgia in the development of their national defense capabilities could enhance regional deterrence. In recent years, Russia has been faced with unprecedented activity of the alliance at its borders. In NATO, this is called “deterring of Russian aggression.” In early April, NATO countries agreed on measures to support Ukraine and Georgia in the Black Sea. The document, adopted at a meeting in Washington, provides for exercises, information exchange and calls at the ports of the water area. Moscow said that the spread of NATO forces to the east contradicts the guarantees received earlier from the leaders of Western countries and Russia will respond proportionally to aggressive moves by NATO, and those who seek to include Ukraine or Georgia in the bloc should consider the consequences. RIA Novosti