Pavel Filip: Vladimir Plahotniuc no Longer Wants to Engage in Politics

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The chairman of the Democratic Party, Pavel Filip, claimed that the former leader of the Democrats, Vladimir Plahotniuc, no longer wants to engage in politics. Pavel Filip said that Plahotniuc informed him about his decision in a telephone conversation, after he left the country. Additionally, the PDM leader said that Plahotniuc no longer has any involvement with the Democratic Party, reports. Pavel Filip claimed that he did not know where Vladimir Plahotniuc was and did not ask him about it when he spoke with him on the phone. The leader of the Democrats said that he was not acquainted with the contents of the recent prosecutor’s investigation that targets Vladimir Plahotniuc. The former prime minister denied that former Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu would like to leave the PDM and the country. “it is not true. Mr. Candu still remains an active member of the Party. I don't know, maybe someone is launching these falsehoods”, said the PDM leader. At the same time, the PDM chairperson said that some Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry currently active in the Parliament are politically partisan and were created in order to cheat in the local elections set for October 20. The PDM leader claimed that the reports of these commissions are published before the local elections in order to denigrate the Democratic Party. Pavel Filip said that, even though he held the position of prime minister until June 2019, he was neither invited to the Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry hearings on the coup attempt nor to the Prosecutor’s Office for an interview. "I have always complied with the law and the Constitution, because I took an oath to do so. As long as there was a ruling of the Constitutional Court, I had to comply with it, regardless of whether I liked it or not”, Pavel Filip commented in regard to the period when the PDM refused to leave the government. The leader of the Democrats added that the PDM has learned its lessons and is now in a rebooting process. “The PDM will continue to be an authentic political organization in Moldova. The party will unite people who share the same values", said the Democrat. At the same time, Pavel Filip refused to answer whether the reformed PDM will find a place for Constantin Ţuțu or Constantin Botnari, who were close to the former leader. Point