Tiraspol Lays the Blame on Chisinau

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The Tiraspol administration believes that Chisinau is guilty of the 5% decline in industrial production recorded in the Transnistrian region this year. Transnistrian state statistics service said that in the first nine months of this year industrial production in the region amounted to 9.3 billion rubles, which is about 5.3 percent less than last year, reports Free Europe. Deputy minister of economic development of Transnistria Maria Glushkova told the Tiraspol press that “blocking the accounts of certain Transnistrian companies in Moldova’s banks” also negatively impacted on production indicators,” noi.md reports Glushkova said that production at Rybnitsa’s JSC Moldova Steel Works fell by 30% this year. There has been observed a decrease in production volumes in light industry. “Growth was recorded in almost all other sectors,” the official said. The National Bank of Moldova announced that it had tightened the anti-money laundering rules in connection with the new international requirements, and that only 4 out of over 420 Transnistrian companies refused to comply with them. The issue on Transnistrian companies’ accounts in Moldovan banks is first in the economic and political information spread in the last period by the Tiraspol media. Head of the Transnistrian foreign ministry Vitaly Ignatiev said that “by blocking the bank accounts of Transnistrian companies, Moldova thereby actually creates problems for the European Union”, since this would put at threat the supply contracts concluded between the companies on the left bank of the Dniester and the European trading partners. This issue will be discussed at a meeting in Bavaria, Germany, in early November. Point