Kyiv Computed Value the Restoring Donbas

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It will take € 372 million to restore the Donbas territories controlled by Kyiv, said the first Deputy Head of Ukraine’s Presidential Office Serhiy Trofimov at an investment forum in Mariupol on October 29. According to him, to restore transport infrastructure it will take € 231 million, as well as industrial and residential buildings damaged during the armed conflict. “These are minimal quotations, as for the controlled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” ukranews quoted him as saying. Trofimov pointed out that only in the Donetsk region 6.8 thousand housing facilities were completely destroyed or damaged. Among the most affected, he identified the Yasynuvata and Volnovakha raions of the Donetsk region, Popasna and Stanytsia-Luhanska raions of the Lugansk region.