Coalition is Unnecessary to Support Useful Projects, Said Nastase

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The candidate of the ACUM bloc for the post of mayor of Chisinau Andrei Nastase first publicly spoke after the defeat in the local elections in Chisinau. The politician thanked those who had voted and party colleagues for their efforts in the election campaign. At the same time, he announced the party’s internal reform and assured the elected mayor Ion Ceban of supporting projects for the benefit of citizens, reports. Nastase made it clear that he would not create a coalition with the socialists in the Chisinau Municipal Council, but would support any project that would benefit citizens. “I wish Ion Ceban success in fulfilling his promises made during the election program. I assure him that our advisers will support him in any project that will benefit citizens. We will support solving the problems of the city, but we will not create political coalitions for the sake of posts. I will do my best to benefit whatever position I will occupy,” said Andrei Nastase. “I accept this result, even though we could not resist the propaganda,” Nastase said, citing a significant difference in audiovisual resources. “Some citizens believe that we are not moving fast enough. I want to clarify that the ACUM bloc will not deviate from the reform of the judicial system and the prosecutor’s office,” said the Dignity and Truth Platform Party leader. “Together with my colleagues we will conduct an analysis and in a month we will discuss these proposals at the party forum. We will also carry out an internal reform of the party and revise the method of interaction both within the formation and with voters,” Nastase said. The Vice-Chairman of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party Alexander Slusar said that the ACUM bloc excludes the coalition at the municipal level with the PSRM, adding that the newly elected mayor and his team should take full responsibility after winning the local elections. Point