“We are Ready.” Sandu on the Coalition with PSRM and Justice Reform

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The government will not repeal the amendment to the law on the prosecutor’s office, which provides for the appointment of candidates for prosecutor general by prime minister. The government is ready for early parliamentary elections if MPs do not support it. Also, Minister of Justice Olesya Stamate will not resign, as socialists require, said Prime Minister Maia Sandu on November 6 by during the “Politics” program on TV8. Sandu said that changing the procedure for electing the Prosecutor General was a general decision of the Cabinet, and she supported this. “We are ready for early elections, if that will lead us to fair justice. We are ready”, said Sandu. The Prime Minister is confident that the fortunes of the whole country depends on the reform of justice. Sandu noted that if the ACUM bloc and the Party of Socialists (PSRM) do not agree on justice reform, they would not move along together. According to her, “if the PSRM goes against justice reform, the government is ready to resign.” At the same time, Sandu noted that she sees no reason for Stamate’s resignation, since “it’s not her fault that one of the members of the competition committee, delegated by the speaker Zinaida Greceanîi, gave biased assessments”. NewsMaker