Sandu: “Dodon Fears Rivalry in the Presidential Election”

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According to the Prime Minister, Igor Dodon wants the government to resign because it has shown good results and Maia Sandu could become a strong contender in the presidential election. This is the real cause of the coalition break between the PSRM and the ACUM bloc, Maia Sandu believes reports. “Igor Dodon is afraid that the results of the government activities to be seen by all citizens, and being selfish he decided to smash us now just to protect himself from the prosecutor and, possibly, presidential candidates,” said Maia Sandu. The head of the PAS said that there is no chance of forming another government with the PSRM and ACUM if a vote of no confidence put forward by the socialists passes tomorrow. “We no longer see what we can talk about with them. Today, the socialists do not want justice reform, and tomorrow they will want? There are no consistency and no logic,”said Sandu. Maia Sandu also ruled out the option that the minority government will accept the ACUM bloc until the presidential election, so that the proposed parliamentary elections to be organized along with the presidential election. “This will be an open form of seizing state institutions, preserving the schemes that we began to block. That would mean many steps back and international isolation,” said Maia Sandu. Point