The Government will Pursue a Balanced Foreign Policy, Chicu Said

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New Prime Minister Ion Kiku, appointed yesterday by еру parliament, says the government he leads will pursue a balanced foreign policy. At the same time, the Prime Minister states that he will comply with all the commitments made by the Republic of Moldova in relation to the external partners, IPN reports. “Of course, the Association Agreement is one of the main documents that will guide us in our actions. The technocratic government has set as priority and objectives the interests of the Republic of Moldova, and the interests of the country can be achieved only if you have an honest, open dialogue with the external partners,” said Ion Chicu. Moreover, the prime minister maintains that the Government is in a position to rapidly readjust the concept of justice reform and the vision regarding this reform so that during the next two to three days the draft law will be resubmitted to the Venice Commission. “The next meeting of this Commission will take place at the beginning of December and if we miss this meeting and we do not have the positive opinion of the Venice Commission, we will have to wait until spring when the following meeting will be held. However, we cannot afford to delay this reform for so long.” The new Prime Minister says that the draft justice reform will be adjusted by fully taking into account the previous recommendations of the Venice Commission. Ion Chicu states that if the Venice Commission gives a positive opinion, then the work in the field of external vetting of prosecutors and judges, as proposed by the previous government, will be continued. “Vetting commissions will be set up, including internationally renowned experts, prosecutors with experience in European countries,” added the head of the cabinet. “We hope that thanks to the work of these commissions the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office will be purged of the elements that have totally compromised this system,” he stressed. Ion Chicu announces that next week the new justice minister, Fadei Nagacevschi, will visit Brussels to discuss the possibilities of appointing the prosecutor general and the Government will act based on the results of this visit. On Thursday, November 14, the Parliament gave its vote of confidence to the cabinet of ministers headed by Ion Chicu and to his activity program. The new government was supported by the vote of 62 deputies from the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party groups. The ACUM Bloc MPs have left the meeting room before the voting was held. Point