UK Election: Boris Johnson’s Conservatives Win Majority

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There is no hopes for a second Brexit referendum. The conservative party of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson won an absolute majority in parliament and can now withdraw the country from the EU. Boris Johnson's Conservatives won a sweeping victory in the early parliamentary elections and can now fulfill the promise of withdrawing the country from the European Union. According to the results of the official vote count in 605 out of 650 constituencies on Friday morning, December 13, the Tories will receive more than 330 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons, that is, an absolute majority, and are able to rule the country on their own, without partners. According to the BBC, Johnson's party can get at least 362 seats. The opposition Laborites will get only 199 seats. This is the worst result for Labour Party in history. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbin admitted defeat and promised to resign as party leader. Boris Johnson said his government received a powerful mandate to implement Brexit. He promised to unite the country and focus on the priorities of the British people. Thanks to the absolute majority, Johnson can now pass through parliament an agreement agreed with Brussels on the conditions and procedure for Britain to secede from the EU. The UK plans to launch Brexit on January 31. Deutsche Welle