“Stop Dodon.” Unirea Bloc Announced of a Protest in the Center of Chisinau

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The Unirea bloc, consisting of five parties supporting the unification of Moldova and Romania, will hold a protest rally in the center of Chisinau on February 14. According to leader of the Liberal Party (PL) block Dorin Chirtoaca statements on his Facebook page, protesters will demand the resignation of President Igor Dodon and the government of Ion Chicu. Chirtoaca noted that the Unirea bloc condemns the resignation of ambassadors, especially the Moldovan ambassador to Romania Mihai Gribinci whom the government approved the day before. The liberal accused the president and government of "re-Sovietization" of Moldova. “The Dodon regime is trying to nullify the achievements of the national liberation movement, illegally repair the monument to the “liberators” in front of the Academy of Sciences and to rename the Gogi Street as Suvorov Street then to replace the memorial stone in the Great National Assembly with the Mother Motherland monument. Instead of dismissing Minister Ciocoi who humiliated all Moldovan citizens the government decided to withdraw the ambassadors striking the image of Moldova,” Chirtoaca recapitulated. The liberal promised that it would be a constant Stop Dodon protest. The first action is scheduled for February 14, 12:00 near the monument to Stefan cel Mare. “We note the inability of the Dodon regime to respect the interests of Moldova and believe that the best solution is his voluntary withdrawal,” Chirtoaca emphasized. On the eve, recall, NM found out that the leaders of the Action and Solidarity (PAS), Platform of Dignity and Truth (DA), National Unity Party (PUN), Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and UNIREA bloc are planning to sign a pact about "non-aggression" while the presidential election planned for this fall. These parties are thus going to join forces against the candidacy of the current president, Igor Dodon, if he runs the elections.