US Senate Restricts Trump Military Powers

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Senate resolution restricts Trump's authority in using the US Army against Iran. Trump representatives announced they are to veto the resolution. The US Senate passed a resolution limiting the powers of US President Donald Trump in using the country's army against Iran. It is reported by Reuters on Thursday, February 13. The resolution was supported by 51 senators. At the same time, 44 representatives of the upper house of Congress opposed. Note that now declaring war on Iran is impossible without the approval of Congress. Trump retains the right to use force in the event that Iran threatens to attack US facilities or military personnel. Also, Trump is not forbidden to use force against al-Qaeda terrorists and their supporters. However, the head of the White House will have to explain to Congress the need to use force. Trump plans to veto the bill, the White House said in response to the resolution. Recall that earlier at the Pentagon it was announced that the United States will not expand its nuclear arsenal. The United States does not want to participate in an arms race with Russia and China, the ministry said.