Filip: We’ll Create a Deep State

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The PDM National Political Council held a meeting yesterday appointing 11 new vice chairs. Violeta Ivanov, Ludmila Guzun, Igor Vremea, Eugeniu Nichiforciuc, Ruxanda Glavan, Monica Babuc, Vladimir Andronache, Nicolae Ciubuc, Vasile Bîtcă, Valentina Buliga and Alexandru Cauia were appointed vice-chairmen, reports During the meeting, Democratic Party Chairman Pavel Filip spoke to new Democratic colleagues and assured them that they had made the right choice. "At the meeting of the National Political Council today we discussed concept of the Democratic Party rebooting process. There were debates, proposals, new ideas. I know for sure that all members of the team want a modern party with a pro-European orientation," Filip said. He also stressed that every party member should know that his opinions are considered. "We decided that we will create a Deep State consisting of party’s vice-chairmen so that the PDM effectively controls the activities of the authorities," Filip added.