Dodon Shared What Democrats and Socialists Discussed in Parliament

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A working meeting was held in the parliament building with the participation of the country's president, parliamentary chairman, prime minister, as well as PSRM and PDM leaders at the level of chairmen and vice-chairmen. Photos and videos from the meeting appeared on social media, on President Igor Dodon’s page, who noted the importance of the three state bodies’ joint work unprecedented over recent years, welcoming the fact that representatives of these government institutions can finally come together for a working meeting and make up a single agenda based on the priorities of our fellow citizens. The head of state listed the already launched social initiatives and called on the government to accelerate their implementation so that already this year people could feel improvements in the country due to new high-quality roads, illuminated streets and other projects under implementation, the message reads. Prime Minister Ion Chicu spoke about the situation in the main areas of government work. This primarily concerns socio-economic issues, in particular - improving road infrastructure, lighting villages, improving the safety of citizens, increasing the number of jobs, increasing state budget revenues, reforming and modernizing government agencies, as well as many other projects aimed at improving the lives of citizens , including through a gradual increase in income. The PSRM and PDM leaders exchanged views with the Prime Minister on the common work agenda of the parliament and the government, but asked to bring the government action plan as soon as possible in line with the obligations that both parties made to the citizens. The support of the current cabinet from PDM and PSRM is based on a social platform, which combined the basic priorities of the country's residents, and not on political preferences, so that the government is expected to take further actions specifically to address the priority problems of citizens. In this regard, the leadership of both parties listed their expectations from the government team and agreed with the prime minister to carry out periodical evaluation of work methods in main areas. The PDM faction proposed a joint implementation by the government and parliament of the country's development plan for the coming years, which would include specific measures to improve the lives of citizens. The parties agreed to take a number of measures that would facilitate a more effective institutional interaction, including through a more active communication, so that the parliament and the government can carry out actions for the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova. The PDM Chairman Pavel Filip insisted that the social platform, on the basis of which the government and the parliamentary majority is functioning now, should remain focused solely on resolving citizens’ problems and stay as far away from any false geopolitical disputes as possible, as well as it should continue the course towards European development, including strengthening the rule of law and corruption eradication, pursuing the goal of modernization and European integration of the Republic of Moldova.