Ionita: We Are not Sure that Chisinau Is Following the European Path

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Romania is not sure that the Chisinau authorities are serious about the European path of the Republic of Moldova's development. Romanian Ambassador Daniel Ionita emphasized that the external partners of the Republic of Moldova do not want promises, but are waiting for concrete results. At the same time, he specified that Romania will continue projects for citizens of the Republic of Moldova, reports. Romania has changed its investment policy and rhetoric regarding the Republic of Moldova, but not the attitude that has consistently supported its European path. Ambassador Daniel Ionita also said that the authorities in Bucharest are closely monitoring what is happening in Chisinau and the statements made by authorities. Romania has been, is and will be a strong supporter of the European path, but at the moment we are not sure that the authorities in Chisinau really take this seriously. We closely monitor all statements made, all laws adopted, all actions that are taken in Chisinau. We still have great expectations, and if you want, from this point of view we have a lot of strategic patience,” Daniel Ionita said. According to the Romanian diplomat, the projects launched in the Republic of Moldova will continue, and Bucharest wants them to directly benefit the citizens. “Until we are convinced that in Chisinau things are going in those direction that most citizens want, that is, in the European direction, we probably will not support projects at the same rate as we did before. However, projects that are underway regarding strategic accession, or projects for Moldovan citizens will not be affected. These projects are ongoing and we hope to see the results,” Daniel Ionita told.