Chicu: “There Is No International Isolation”

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Prime Minister Ion Chicu believes that PAS leader Maia Sandu’s statements that the government is “internationally isolated” are false and campaign-oriented. “What isolation? We have an agreement with the IMF, we communicate with everyone, the European Commission paid a visit. If some colleagues from your European party send different messages about support for electoral purposes, this is normal, this is a political issue. I meet with ambassadors who are awaiting the results of the investigation into the theft of a billion, the government is not involved in this, but the prosecutor’s office and investigators are working in this direction,” Chicu said, reports. “Ms. Sandu is a politician, and politics, unfortunately, involves a lot of lies. She doesn’t put forward ideas and suggestions, as she hadn’t done for 5 months when she headed the government. If there is an increase in the tariff for intercity transportation, without checking, as a lady says, I’ll say that there was an audit conducted by the Minister of Economy from her government, which revealed that the tariff should be increased. At one of the meetings, Maia Sandu said that yes, the tariffs should be increased, but politically we can’t do that," Ion Chicu told at the Puterea a Patra program.