Chicu: Moldova’s Path Is the European Integration

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Moldova’s path is the European integration, but politicians should be moderate with slogans concerning the EU. Under these slogans, a billion was stolen, the foundation was laid to destruct our country. This opinion was expressed by Prime Minister Ion Chicu on TV program, reports. According to him, Moldova will not give up economic interests in the eastern markets, but if we are talking about the European integration, then, certainly, we are striving for this. The Prime Minister claims that Moldovan politicians should forget about PR based on the European integration and start working. “The inability to manage work has been covered for too long by slogans about integration into the EU. Let’s see what happened during these 10 years, especially in 2010-2011, when the European integration was in everything. At that period of time, the foundations of theft (of a billion) were laid, and the slogan of the EU was everywhere. Better less PR, less fraternal meetings, let’s work, and you will see that we will make it out to the EU faster,” the prime minister concluded.