Usatîi: We should All Protest against the PSRM and PDM “Wedding”

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The chairman of Party Our, Renato Usatîi, called on all Moldovans to protest against the “marriage” of the Socialists with the Democrats. On March 4, live streaming on his Facebook page, Usatîi said that the official registration of the PSRM and PDM coalition should take place at the end of this - the beginning of next week, reported. “We need to urgently take some steps about. Very quickly, the dictatorship of Plahotniuc will be installed in the new version. We all need to unite and protest against the “wedding” of the socialists with the democrats,” Renato Usatîi urged. Earlier, Moldovan President Igor Dodon announced that he welcomed the decision of the Republican Council of the PSRM to begin political dialogue in parliament to ensure long-term political stability and effective power. "As President of the Republic of Moldova, I will support any coalition whose goal is to improve the quality of people’s life. Previously, I fully supported the coalition between PSRM and the ACUM bloc, and although these were parties with different political views, I considered then and I do now believe that it’s necessary to put the interests of all citizens above all. It’s time to stop trying to divide the country on the basis of false geopolitical criteria or party interests,” Dodon wrote. He stressed that early elections are contrary to the will of citizens. At the same time, the president expressed confidence that even during the early elections, the PSRM will gain the majority. “If the PDM is ready to sign (the agreement), let's sign and move on. I’m witnessing more and more statements from those who are in parliament about the desire to go to early elections. I want to ask: are you sure about this? Let's go to early elections, PSRM receives 55-60 mandates and then, what will you shout about? ", The president said. Recall that the Democratic Party accepted the proposal of the socialists to begin negotiations on the formation of the ruling coalition. Negotiations will begin in the coming days, after which the PDM is to decide.