Ștefan Gligor: The Agendas of the PDM and PSRM Will Be Different but Their Goal Will Be the Same

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The ruling coalition between the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova and the Democratic Party of Moldova is formalized due to necessity and the representatives of the two formations have no choice. And this is because in the case of early parliamentary elections risks remain, and it is not clear what results and in whose favor they will end. Such an opinion was expressed by lawyer Ștefan Gligor, an expert in public politics, a participant in public debates “The PSRM-PDM Governing Coalition: necessity, opportunity, reasons, impact on society,” ipn.md reports According to the expert, in this coalition “the agendas of the democrats and socialists will be different, but their goal will be illegal enrichment and preparation for the next election race”. “In the Republic of Moldova and in our society there is nothing more false than the official representations of political parties, especially two parties - PDM and PSRM. There are no ideological differences between people who have been in power over the past two decades - their behavior, the way they think, respond and protect personal, financial, criminal, illegal interests, are obvious,” the expert said. According to him, all kinds of statements are being made related to the purification of the Democratic Party. “People should be attentive to details, because politics is a lie manipulated by very skilled people. “Ideological, programmatic, party differences between PSRM and PDM do not exist, they have a single ideology and a single policy - to benefit from illegal agreements, which are accompanying accessories for the implementation of an act of government.” This is a false discussion of the ideological difference between PDM and PSRM. There is only one ideology - money. Therefore, there is a criminal case on usurpation of power, therefore we have come to a pocket Constitutional Court,” Ștefan Gligor said. According to him, the PDM’s interest in joining the ruling coalition is to agree on their positions as best as possible, and we are talking about three or four ministries and agencies. “However, when it comes to PSRM, that is, the parliamentary faction is Igor Dodon, and their interests do not always coincide. It’s important for Igor Dodon to maintain the presidency from different points of view. Among them, both his preservation as the main contact person of the Russian Federation, and his personal achievements became possible thanks to relations with the Russian Federation. If Igor Dodon lost the presidency, this would cool relations with Russia. Representatives of the PSRM faction understand that Igor Dodon’s games can cost them their mandates, including a political formation,” Ștefan Gligor said. “Igor Dodon risked everything, took power and now the responsibility belongs to him. In my opinion, the Chicu government is not working well. We state with all statements, claims and ambitions that they cannot cope with what they claimed. And in this case, if we followed the scenario of synchronizing the presidential and parliamentary elections, it is not known what this would lead to. They are helped by the bad situation among the right-wing parties. That is why they chose to share revenues, ministries, and share power in order to secure their rear in the presidential election. To synchronize the efforts of the parties to ensure victory for Igor Dodon, and depending on this, the fate of the early elections will be decided,” Ștefan Gligor said. The expert says that right-wing parties, including unionists, showed people a number of contradictions over the single-member Hincesti district and did not know how to demonstrate their ability to negotiate. “As a result, against this background, after the loss of the municipality of Chisinau by Andrei Nestase, chronic disappointment, a state of decay and devastation, persist. But the right-wing parties must show foresight and unite their voters,” he said. Ștefan Gligor believes that this coalition is natural both from an objective and from a subjective point of view, because the representatives of these two formations are compatible “through their value or non-value prism”. According to the expert, stagnation is the main feature that can come from this coalition. “I think that they will save everything and try to rehabilitate the schemes of illicit enrichment in which Vlad Plahotniuc succeeded during his control over all branches of government,” added Ștefan Gligor. The 127th debate “The PSRM-PDM Ruling Coalition: Necessity, Opportunity, Reasons, Influence on Society” from the cycle “Development of Political Culture through Political Debate” was implemented with the support of the Hanns Seidel German Foundation.