Usatîi: Dodon Uses Coronavirus Situation to Attack Opposition

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The chairman of Party Our, Renato Usatîi, believes that President Igor Dodon decided to use the coronavirus situation to attack the opposition and to divert public attention from the PSRM deal with PDM, reported on Monday He recalled that the head of state said the other day that "the opposition’s demands for the resignation of the government and the holding of early parliamentary elections are inappropriate against the background of the penetration of the coronavirus into Moldova." “When I said two weeks ago that the coronavirus would inevitably get to Moldova, and that the authorities should urgently prepare for this, some accused me of almost panic. This problem, indeed, cannot be politicized, this disaster must be fought together. But what Dodon claims is just unscrupulous speculation on the coronavirus in its own selfish political interests," said Usatîi. He recalled that in a recent PDM declaration, the party "publicly admitted that it violated the Constitution and laws, persecuted citizens for political reasons, encouraged political corruption, turned a blind eye to the abolition of elections and theft of the billion." "Instead of insisting on holding this gang accountable under the law, the socialists are secretly negotiating with it to create a parliamentary majority. It has come to the point that the legitimate rights of the opposition to criticize the authorities are questioned, up to the denial of the right to demand the resignation of the government and the appointment of early parliamentary elections. The coronavirus is coronavirus, and political rights are political rights. It is unacceptable to use an epidemic to limit democracy and pluralism," Usatîi emphasized.