Zelensky Assessed Personal Talks with Putin

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The President of Ukraine Called the Negotiations with His Russian Counterpart Very Hard and Difficult President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky called the negotiations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “very hard and difficult.” The head of state said this in an interview with The Guardian, the full version of which was published on Sunday by the presidential press service. Zelensky was asked what’s the depth of the agreement that could be reached with someone like Putin. "This is very difficult. Very. Be that as it may, we have returned 111 people since September. I’m not saying that we made a breakthrough. But. For three years there was no Norman format. The situation was completely frozen. After three years we made a meeting - 111 people have returned now. We sat down at the negotiating table. You know there’s a way to say: “it’s running smoothly?” But there is no “smootheness” at all. Everything is going tough, hard, with serious roughness. But it is moving forward,” Zelensky said. The Ukrainian president expressed the view that in negotiations with Putin it is necessary to be "a little flexible." According to Zelensky, he does not feel Putin as a "reliable partner", but at the same time expressed the hope that partnership relations between Ukraine and Russia will be established "not in 100 years." “Apparently, Ukraine and Russia can be a partner, and I really would not like to witness this in 100 years. I would like to see it. Because I’m sure that most Russians don’t want a war,” he said. Earlier it was reported that Zelensky gave an interview to the British Newspaper the Guardian, and also appeared on the cover of the publication. In an interview with a representative of the newspaper, the Ukrainian leader said that a new president is to appear in Russia, and all totalitarian regimes are to come to such an end.