Maya Sandu Is Sure that Igor Dodon Will Not Win the First Round Elections

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The chairman of the Action and Solidarity party is convinced that Igor Dodon will not be able to win the presidential election from the first round. Maya Sandu believes that in order to make the best choice, citizens should have the opportunity to choose from several candidates. Moreover, the PDS leader is skeptical of the idea that right-wing parties will be able to find a single candidate in the upcoming elections, reports “PDS, PDAP, PLDM and the UNIREA bloc are parties that discussed a single presidential candidate. We were able to discuss the PPAP proposal for an apolitical candidate, we wanted to hear the names of these people so that we could analyze. Then they announced their candidate. I am not going to dispute this,” Maya Sandu said. The PDS leader added that the party led by her will decide on a presidential candidate at the next congress: “PDS plans to organize a congress on April 5, but given the situation with coronavirus, I think we will have to postpone it. We can’t say anything yet.” Sandu also expressed confidence that Igor Dodon would not win the election in the first round. “In 2016, the situation was completely different. It is required of us, if we do not find a single candidate, to conduct a civilized campaign,” Maya Sandu said. Recall that in the 2016 presidential election in the second round, the candidates who fought for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova were Maya Sandu and Igor Dodon, the latter won.