Chicu: I Am Romanian Citizen but Human Blood Flows in My Veins

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On the air of TVR Moldova, Prime Minister Ion Chicu admitted that he has Romanian citizenship. He did not answer the direct question of the host, whether he considers himself Romanian and noted that “human blood flows in his veins”, reports “Romanians and I are brothers living in two different, independent, mutually recognized states, and we must have the wisdom to respect this status,” Ion Chicu said. The Prime Minister also did not answer whether Russia is an expansionist state. “I suggest you invite the Russian ambassador. I do not think that the behavior of states in the region is a priority topic. You can ask about the behavior of other states in the region. I don’t think that this is the most interesting topic for the audience,” Ion Chicu said. The Prime Minister noted that the foreign policy he promotes is balanced and many are worried about. “I think that the Republic of Moldova is interested in acting so that citizens can work and have as many export opportunities as possible,” the Prime Minister said. According to the Prime Minister, the Republic of Moldova has excellent relations with all countries, but it has to learn a lot from Hungary, with which it signed a partnership agreement. “All partners are important to us. It is important that relations with neighboring countries are built on mutual respect and respect for the economic interests of partners,” Ion Chicu said. Recall that earlier Igor Dodon opposed the availability of other citizenship among officials. “When you occupy a public office and represent the interests of the state, you should be a citizen of only one, this country. I do not believe the deputies, ministers, judges of the Constitutional Court, who are citizens of Romania or other states. How can they talk about the interests of Moldova when they swore allegiance to another country? There is a conflict of interest,” Dodon said.