Dodon on PDM: We Communicate, but They Still Need to Work to Get Refined

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Most likely we will not change the structure of the government, in the leadership of the parliament and government. As for the ministries, if they offer decent figures, yes. When negotiations are over, we will publicly inform. This was stated in the program “Friday with Anatol Gol” by the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon, reports. - Has the PDM already refined itself? - I think that they still need to work in this direction. And they work. We communicate with the party leadership. - About 4 weeks ago you said that colleagues from the socialists party urged not to rush to create a coalition with the PDM. In just two weeks - let's create. What has changed? “Four weeks, two weeks is a lot for Moldovan politics in the conditions of coronovirus. Do not hurry. Negotiations are underway now, and I do not know when they will end. Maybe a month, maybe two days. I hope, next week. Because it is necessary to be determined. Enforce laws, in March – on a loan from the Russian Federation. Some were glad that there is crisis in Russia and there would be no money. We need to make changes in tax policy. There are many serious things that we voted for. We must move on." Igor Dodon questions, whether to create an alliance with the Democrats or not, on what terms? On the same terms that alliance with ACUM was created to give all the government? No one will do that. At this stage, there is no question of changing the prime minister and speaker of parliament. If we talk about some ministries, then Chicu and I spoke, we’ll do some personnel changes. We will not affect the structure now. When reorganization takes 5-6 months, this is problematic, and we create an additional crisis for ourselves out of the blue.” “Foreign policy and security issues. Balanced foreign policy, we will comply with all the agreements signed. This will be the basis for the coalition agreement if it is signed,” the president said.