Lukashenkо: Russia Blaze with Coronavirus

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Russia will close for people the border with Belarus, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin during operational meeting. His words are quoted by TASS. The message does not indicate the day this is to start. Belarus is the 12th country (out of 16) bordering Russia with restrictions on border crossing. The Russian border with Azerbaijan and Finland remains open now. In addition to restricting movement across land borders, from March 16, Russia has limited flights to EU countries, Switzerland and Norway. Airlines are allowed to fly only to the capitals of the EU countries and only from the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport used by the state carrier Aeroflot. In addition, charter flights are allowed.
  • According to the latest data, 27 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Belarus, three of them were cured.
  • According to the operational headquarters, as of March 15, the total number of coronavirus infected in Russia amounted to 63 people.
  • President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Monday expressed bewilderment at the move of the Russian authorities. “It has come to the point that our native Russia, I emphasize, has closed the border with Belarus,” BelTA agency quoted. Lukashenko expressed the opinion that in his country the situation is relatively calm while "Russia is blazing with coronavirus." “So, who should close the borders from. The question is rhetorical,” Lukashenko said.
  • “If you follow the Russian logic, you need to close its borders regionally: separate the Far East, Siberia, walk through the Urals, separate the Caucasus, draw a border somewhere in the north of the European part of Russia. Russia is huge, half the world. Why cutting Belarus off from Russia, without thinking about the consequences, it seems to me that they are more concerned about how to fence Moscow around with some kind of fence, and they think: God forbid, the government of the Russian Federation becomes infected. What will happen? God forbid, something will happen to Mishustin ... Probably, mostly they think about this and start afar "- Lukashenkо continued.