Dodon: Economic Agents Who Speculatively Boost Prices Will Be Punished

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Economic agents that speculatively raise prices could be punished, said President Igor Dodon after a meeting of the Joint COVID-19 Crisis Management Center. “At this stage, there are no prerequisites, because everything related to reserves within the country, we have reserves, and we have no problems with food security. Everything related to imports - there were locks on the border of Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, and these problems were resolved thanks to the involvement of the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are in contact with all carriers, so trading networks have no reason to raise prices,” the president said, reports. According to the head of state, the possibility of limiting prices for essential products is also being considered. The authorities are preparing a package of measures to support the real sector of economy, as well as citizens temporarily staying at home. The head of state added that the possibility of introducing criminal sanctions for promoting false news is also being considered. “We have no other solution, because in this situation, in particular, panic is worse than a pandemic,” Igor Dodon added. A state of emergency for 60 days has been declared in the Republic of Moldova, starting March 17, in connection with the epidemiological situation related to the spread of a new type of coronavirus. So far, 36 cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus have been confirmed. One person has recovered, and one has died.