Chicu on Supporting Business Environment: These Measures Are Necessary Now

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The measures developed by the government to support the business environment during the crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 infection will be approved by the “These measures are necessary now that economic agents are limited by the deadlines for paying taxes and other procedures, they need security and support,” Prime Minister Ion Chicu , said reported In particular, the prime minister touched on a moratorium on all types of state control during a state of emergency. During this period, tax and financial control over the quality of products / services, technological parameters and / or specific requirements for the type of activity will be suspended, as well as monitoring compliance with labor protection standards. These and other measures developed by the Ministry of Finance will come into force after the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Moldova adopts them. From March 17 to May 15, 2020, the state of emergency was declared throughout the Republic of Moldova. During the state of emergency, Commission for Emergency Situations issues orders that are binding and subject to execution by the heads of central and local authorities, economic agents, state institutions, citizens and other persons located in the Republic of Moldova. Since the introduction of the state of emergency, the commission met three times, taking the necessary decisions to ensure order in the state, to comply with the decisions of the authorities and to reduce the crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19.