Dodon on PSRM - PDM coalition: Early Elections Are Chaos for Moldova

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We formed an alliance with the Democrats because this was the only way out of the situation. And elections - elections are a bad scenario, Moldova will not be able to withstand such a load. Compared to last June, our position is much stronger today. The President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon told about this in the program “The Main Question” with Iulia Fedorova on NTV, reported - You have repeatedly said that the PSRM-PDM coalition will not happen. What influenced the change in this position? “What was the other way out?” Go to early parliamentary elections? There were a lot of interpretations about this. Election February 24 last year. We created the coalition with right forces, with the ACUM bloc. We gave them the government completely. Maia Sandu became Prime Minister. We were reproached and criticized for this. But we made the right decision. However, the right wing did not cope with this burden.” Dodon is sure that at the end of last year, when the socialists and the president took responsibility and created a minority government without forming a parliamentary majority was made the right decision. “And then I said that it could last until spring. And then we will decide: either a coalition, or early parliamentary elections, which will become deadly for the country. Bad scenario, this is complete chaos for Moldova. So the second option. With whom to create an alliance - with the ACUM block? Already went through. With Shor? We will not. With PDM party-switchers? We will not do like Plahotniuc. Pull out deputies and make a coalition with them. PDM remained, we gave them several ministries. They were not given the speaker and the prime minister seats. We are trying to keep the situation under control. “But there are questions as to appointments, for example, unionists ...” “When choosing appointments, I said: if there are ideological, geopolitical and other statements we will remove these ministers on the same day. Sandu had questions as well. She didn’t even say hello to me then, but I had to agree with her, because there was such a situation. We will not allow anyone to engage in activities that are contrary to the interests of Moldova. Compared to last June, we have a much stronger position today,” Dodon said.