Russia Is Preparing for Explosive Development of Coronavirus Situation

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Doctors in Russia are preparing for an “explosive”, “nuclear reaction type” development of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. This was announced by the chief infectious disease specialist of the Moscow Ministry of Health Nikolai Malyshev on the air of the Russia 1channel . According to Malyshev, there was an arithmetic addition of the number of infected people in the beginning, but now it has turned into geometric - for the last day, the incidence of coronavirus infection has increased almost three times. In this regard, all regions prepare new hospitals and beds equipped according to the latest requirements, he said. “A huge number of people will get sick,” says Nikolai Malyshev. Therefore, it is a question of diagnosing remotely using IT technology, he said. In a situation of explosive increase in incidence, priority in hospitalization will be given to patients at risk, the expert added. As follows from the order of the head of the Moscow Department of Health, patients with a mild course of coronavirus infection or without symptoms are allowed treatment at home. Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin called the dynamics of the COVID-19 distribution in Moscow quite high. The mayor admitted that the city is at the very beginning of the epidemic and the peak of incidence has not been passed yet. According to data as of March 25,163 new cases of infection were detected in Russia per day, including 120 in Moscow. Cases of COVID-19 were recorded in 55 regions of the country, a total of 658 people fell ill, 29 recovered, 2 died.