Igor Munteanu: We Will Bulldoze the 2020 Budget

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“Inflation will grow, I hope that it will not grow to become deadly for small incomes of the population, and the faster the government intervenes in the package of anti-crisis measures in favor of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the less human losses we will have.” This was stated by deputy Igor Munteanu on the air of the În Profunzime program on the Pro TV channel, ipn.md reports. According to the deputy, the foreign exchange market of Moldova will also suffer, thus, the leu will devalue. “We should expect significant changes in the foreign exchange market, and this will be connected with remittances, which will be less, with foreign exchange interventions, because the National Bank of Moldova will take an active role. The NBM will have to provide more opportunities for commercial banks, but it will also have to intervene in the forex market, and this will depend on the leu-dollar rate,” Igor Munteanu said. The people’s deputy claims that the authorities must draw quick conclusions, and the budget for 2020 will be significantly amended. “Until now, we had no such cases of a mass epidemic. There have never been such situations in the modern history of the Republic of Moldova. We must learn quickly from this major crisis. We must mature and have a reaction appropriate to the situation. Responsible persons should not behave like spoiled children who believe that if they have a toy, then the decision-making mechanism will always be in their hands. Public sector institutions must be extremely demanding of their employees. They should follow the advice of the Extraordinary Commission, and at the same time maximize the resources they manage. We will need to bulldoze the 2020 budget and adapt many of the envisaged expenses for the upcoming crisis,” the deputy specified. According to Igor Munteanu, the Republic of Moldova will face an economic crisis that will last more than 60 days of the state of emergency introduced in the country.