DA Platform: The Worst Option of Business Support Was Chosen

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“The most inappropriate, ineffective and unrealistic option of support was selected, which reveals the unwillingness of the state to participate financially in solving the problems of business and workers.” This is how the vice-chairman of the political party “Dignity and Truth” Platform Alexandru Slusari commented on the measures announced by President Igor Dodon this morning, March 30, after a meeting of the country's top leadership, ipn.md reports. Regarding cash payments to people who are now in a situation of forced unemployment, the deputy says that he will speak in more detail on this subject after he sees the bill. Although, in his opinion, the authorities are likely to try again to ignore the parliament and make this decision within the framework of the Commission on Emergency Situations. “According to the authorities, economic agents that have suspended their activities due to a decision of the Commission for Emergency Situations in the field of health should be returned all taxes and contributions related to the wages of workers who were sent home. Other industries that suffered for other reasons related to the pandemic crisis, such as the textile industry, industry within the framework of the free economic zone, agriculture, will receive only 60% of the amount of taxes and fees paid,” the deputy noted on his Facebook page. According to him, in these conditions it is obvious that enterprises are still obliged to pay these salaries. “A simple logical question: where does the money come from? Cash flow deficit is today the biggest business problem in the hotel and restaurant sector, in tourism, trade, in the provision of services to the population, etc. That is why the best solution would be the one we proposed two weeks ago: payment should be made directly specifically, to each employee who finds himself in a situation of technical unemployment as a result of a pandemic crisis, in the form of a special allowance in the amount of 50% of the basic salary. And this is on condition that another 1/3 of the salary is paid to him by the employer,” Slusari said. The DA Platform Vice President believes that this method would provide a fair approach to all sectors of the economy, taking into account the degree of damage caused to each of the sectors. The cost of such a measure is about 3.5-4 billion lei, which can be found after cutting budget expenditures and gaining access to funds from external partners. “At the same time, we regret to note that the president did not say a word about the fate of small traders, who suffered huge damage as a result of the markets shut-down. These more than nine thousand people still need urgent help. We proposed to pay them an allowance of 50% of the average gross wage in the economy. This measure will cost 40 million lei per month. It’s a pity that Dodon once again follows the path of political PR, not offering sound, reasonable, effective solutions for material support of business and the entire population,” Aleksandru Slusari marked.