PAS and DA Criticized a "PSRM-PDM Parliamentary Meeting Boycott "

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The factions of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) and DA Platform criticized the "boycott of the parliamentary meeting scheduled for Thursday by MPs from PSRM and PDM." The Chairman of the DA Platform’s parliamentary faction, Alexandru Slusari, regarded this at a briefing “as the degradation and demise of democracy in Moldova,” reports. "Unfortunately, the country is degrading along with this. And this is happening in the midst of an epidemiological crisis. And we have unpredictable, cowardly authorities who allow themselves to do this. After all, there was not a single normative pretext for such shameful behavior. The Socialists and their appendage, PDM, accepted such a decision out of fear - they were afraid of any question or comment from our side. The alarm is caused by the fact that there are people in power who make such decisions. But we can’t panic, we have a rational society," he said. At the same time, Slusari emphasized that the opposition “didn’t even think of putting forward a vote of no confidence in the government.” "And even such a shameful step by the authorities will not force us to abandon the idea of ​​consolidation in the face of a pandemic. We must do everything possible both at the civil level and at the level of authorities in order to get out of the crisis sooner," he said, believing that "after the crisis, the current government is unlikely to remain longer in power. " The chairman of the PAS faction, Igor Grosu, noted that at a meeting of the Permanent Bureau, "representatives of absolutely all factions voted to convene the meeting." “And after that, such behavior proves once again the authorities’ irresponsibility. At the height of the crisis, they prefer games. And it’s very dangerous that in the current situation the authorities have carte blanche, such actions simply do not fit into the mind of a healthy person,” he said.