Trump: I Did not Promise Oil and Gas Concessions to the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia

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The American leader said that if Russia and Saudi Arabia reduce oil production, it will be good for these countries, however, there was no discussion of a decrease in US production. US President Donald Trump said he did not discuss possible concessions on the part of the United States in the form of reduced production during negotiations with the leadership of Russia and Saudi Arabia on world oil prices. RIA Novosti reports this on Friday, April 3. "They want to do this (cut back on production). That would be good for their countries. We did not discuss this (concessions from the United States - ed.)," Trump said at a press conference, answering the question whether he promised any concessions in the form of a reduction in US oil production. At the same time, Trump said that Russia and Saudi Arabia could soon conclude an agreement on oil production to improve the situation on world markets. “It would be great for Russia, for Saudi Arabia. I hope that they will conclude this agreement - this is what they told me ... I hope this happens soon, I hope they will announce it soon,” he said. Prior to this, Trump stated that he had discussed the situation on the world energy market with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. In particular, he suggested that this country, as well as Russia, could reduce its production by 10 million barrels per day, and after 20 minutes he mentioned the volume of 15 million barrels. On Thursday it was reported that Saudi Arabia called for an urgent meeting of the countries participating in the OPEC+ transaction and other states "with the aim of reaching a fair agreement and restoring balance in the oil markets." There are almost no places in the world to store oil.