Diacov Suggested Return to Presidential Election in Parliament

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The Democratic Party’s honorary chairman, Dumitru Diacov, suggested that in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the head of state should be elected by parliament again. The politician wrote about this in a post on his Facebook page: “Recently, more and more important people have expressed their views on presidential election. Many suggest postponing them in due to the coronavirus outbreak that dropped from the clouds. I agree that the impact of this disaster on our society will be difficult to assess today. I am convinced that a normal election campaign will be impossible against the background of troubles awaiting us forward. That is why I do not propose to discuss the postponement of these elections but to return to presidential election in parliament. The presidency should become a factor of stability, political balance and national harmony, ”the politician wrote, tvrmoldova.md quoted. Diacov offers parties fighting for prime minister’s chair. Recall that on March 4, 2016, the Constitutional Court delivered the judgement to amend the Constitution and assumed that president should be elected by direct vote. This happened after Vladimir Voronin was twice elected head of state in parliament in 2001 and 2005. In November 2016, Igor Dodon was elected President of the Republic of Moldova by direct vote.