Greceanii on a Medical Policy for Diaspora: Politicians Manipulate and Deceive

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When abroad, our citizens obey the laws of the country where they are staying. The Speaker of the Parliament asks the question: why they behave differently when they return to their homeland? Our politicians and the opposition take advantage of this, provoke and mislead them. Zinaida Greceanii, Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, told this in the program “Mechanism of Action” with Elena Pahomova-Lewicka on NTV, reports. “I would really like the diaspora to return to Moldova, these are our citizens, I want them to work here. Politicians manipulate and in the most impudent way deceive and mislead people. Moldovan citizens returning from abroad have unemployment assistance that is introduced during the pandemic period. In addition, they use medical services. And if you don’t buy a policy, you will pay for everything. Unfortunately, our medical system has been destroyed for many years. Therefore, today everyone should get involved to build a health insurance fund,” Greceanii noted. “I want to give statistics. One day of treating an average degree of coronavirus costs 2250 lei, multiplied by 14 days of compulsory hospital stay is only 31 570 lei. Intensive care, resuscitation – 5300 lei per day, it is 74,200. When someone asks, where are these prices coming from? For some reason, people think that hospital services include only being provided a bed and given an injection," the program host noted. “But this also includes medications, staff salaries, maintenance of a medical facility. Apparently, people have not learned how to count, and politicians are manipulating this. We have compulsory health insurance, we all have to buy a policy,” Greceanii added.