Russia Stopped the Whole International Air Traffic

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A number of Russian media sources reported all international air traffic stopping on the night of April 4. The Federal Air Transport Agency does not comment on the situation. Since April 4, Russia has stopped all passenger international air traffic, including export flights meant for Russian citizens. This was reported with reference to sources in the airline industry on Friday, April 3, according to TASS, Interfax, Kommersant and RBC. "The Federal Air Transport Agency revoked all permits for international flights,” TASS interlocutor in particular stated. Among others, flights are to be stopped for foreign states’ citizens leaving Russia. Russian air carriers have already received the relevant Federal Air Transport Agency’s order, Interfax claimed. The agency also points to the cancellation of Aeroflot's flight from New York to Moscow that was scheduled for April 3. Rosaviatsiya has not yet commented on the situation; no response has yet been received to the corresponding DW’s request. 25,000 Russians Remaining Remain Abroad According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, about 25 thousand Russians wishing to return to the country remain abroad. Kommersant reported there will no longer be any export flights for Russian citizens. Since March 18, amid the coronavirus spread, the Russian Federation has closed its borders for foreigners to enter, thus only Russians could return to the country. Since March 27, Russia has suspended all regular and charter flights with foreign countries, the exception were flights returning Russians home. Starting March 31, quotas on Russian citizens entry into their country started acting - no more than 500 people a day through the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. According to the official website, the number of SARS-CoV-2 infected in Russia over the last day increased by 601 to 4149, out of them 34 people died due to COVID-19 viral pneumonia. In turn, a group of Worldometer volunteers reported the worldwide number of coronavirus detected cases has exceeded one million. Of these, more than 220 thousand people recovered, more than 55 thousand people died.